The Jisan Research Institute

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The only professional research laboratory where precollege students aged 13-18 perform and publish cutting edge research before college.

Year-round and summer programs which guide students to careers in science, medicine, technology, and mathematics. Nearly 80% of graduates attend graduate school.

The Jisan Research Institute is the only professional research laboratory for students (ages 13-18). This is where great careers begin! Students participate in hands-on explorations of real scientific problems. Exploring these problems not only is a lot of fun, but it helps prepare students for successful careers. Students publish their work in professional scientific conferences and scientific journals, traveling around the world to present their findings to other scientists.

Why do students come to JRI?
  • Learn how to carry out scientific research.
  • Get help in achieving admissions to that great college. See where our alumni have gone in years past.
  • Travel around the world. (Students have traveled to many countries to present their work!)
  • Gain skills that will not only help in getting into colleges, but also help when students get to the colleges and beyond! JRI graduates go to graduate school in extremely high numbers.

Simply put, JRI will change your life or that of your son/daughter. With more than 18 years experience and a very distinguished alumni, JRI is the only choice for parents looking for science training for their kids and for young people craving the challenge and excitement of scientific discovery!

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